2017 (on-going)
Singapore, Singapore
Shanghai, China

Product Designer
User Research

Light Novel & Web Novel is a huge market in East Asian countries (Japan, Korea, Taiwan & China).In Japan alone, Light Novel is accounted for 23% of the domestic paperback novel market (2011).

Recent trend studies have suggested that consumers from many Western markets have developed a keen interest in Light Novel & Web Novel. However, the English translations remain somewhat inadequate, they heavily rely on scanlation & translation groups, with infrequent releases and problematic format between original language and English.

BaoSiao works closely with prominent, up-and-coming as well as aspiring Light Novel and Web Novel authors to translate their works into English effectively and distribute to the Western audiences.

The Shanghai-based startup aims to take a major stake in the industry that could be accounted nearly 0.5 billion dollars in the publishing industry.